Fail Better: SMBA (1993–2016) and the Limits of Institutional Critique

by Jelle Bouwhuis

The Museum Reinvents Attention

by Kader Attia

Looking Through the Lens of Support: Museum-ing Within and Between Institutions

by Alison Burstein

I Came to the Museum…

by Vid Ingelevics

From Museum-going to Museum-ing: Visitors as Creative Agents within the Museum

by Jon Stam

The “Co-llection” – Attempting to Introduce a (Truly) Public Art Collection

by Or Tshuva and Karni Barzilay

Forgotten Worlds: Cultivating Museums Otherwise

by Colin Sterling and Asia Komarova

Dramatizing the Museum

by Anders Thrue Djurslev

Decolonizing the National Museums of Kenya

by Kristina Dziedzic Wright

Can museum be a spring, a forest?

by Yiou Penelope Peng

Stedelijk Studies Journal Issue #13 Editorial

roundtable with Meredith North, Kitty Zijlmans, Anna Maria Pinaka and Charl Landvreugd

Stedelijk Studies Journal Issue #12 Editorial Roundtable

with Charl Landvreugd, Yvette Mutumba, Quinsy Gario and Meredith North

Dreams are made of porcelain (Really, Really)

by Katherina Gorodynska

Museum for the Displaced Interview Transcript

conversation between Yvette Mutumba, Ana Sophie Salazar, Mohammad Golabi, and Leong Min Yu Samantha

Here-and-nowness: Diaspora Tactics as Institutional Strategy at Casa do Povo

by micro-histórias (Pedro Beresin, Mariana Lanari, Marília Loureiro, Alice Noujaim, Pedro Zylbersztajn)

Unlearning Imperialism in the Gallery

by Maria Walsh

Common Grounds

by Filipe Lippe

An Unknown Return

a conversation with Alexander Ugay by Elsbeth Dekker & Robbie Schweiger

A Chorus of Relations: Manthia Diawara’s An Opera of the World

by Anja Isabel Schneider

How to Care for an Act?

by Jessica Gogan

The Aghed and its Displacement Paths as Collecting Practices

by Marianna Hovhannisyan

Can A Museum Be A Dreamtime?

by Ashley Gallant

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam at 125 Years – Editorial

by Yvette Mutumba and Maurice Rummens

After(-)Images: Problematizing Collections of Early Documentary Photography in the Art Museum

by Fabienne Chiang

Space, Movement, and Body: Marlow Moss

by Gülce Özkara

Revisiting Wim Beeren’s European Utopia: Wanderlieder Thirty Years Later

by Joanna Mardal

[Re]collection, [De]collection, and the People Curatorial

by Ali T. As’ad

Exhibiting Surinamese Histories of Art: Curatorial Approaches Towards Diversity

by Oscar Ekkelboom

In All Fairness: An Exploration of Ethical Collaborative Practices

by Najiba Yasmin

From Fiction to Knowledge

by Deiara Kouto and Anne Bielig

Reading as Sculpture: A new layer for the library in ruins

by Mariana Lanari

Internationalist Ambitions and Frustrations

by Marieke van Ekeren

Imagining the Future of Digital Archives and Collections – Editorial

by Vivian van Saaze, Claartje Rasterhoff, and Karen Archey

Innovative Digital Infrastructures: The Issue of Sustainability

An Online Roundtable Discussion

Biases within Digital Repositories: The Getty Research Portal

by Hande Sever

Seep Between the Mortar: Sociotechnical Imaginaries in Digital Media at Tate

by Lucy Bayley

Digital Art Archives in Asia for the Public Domain: A Conversation with Bo Zheng and Lu Pan

by Sjoukje van der Meulen

Imagining the Future of a Complex Mixed-media Work: The Case of Lynn Hershman Leeson’s The Floating Museum

by Gabriella Giannachi

Partnering through Collections in Digital Humanities: Looking at Researchers’ Needs

by Christina Kamposiori

Reimagining the Object Record: SFMOMA’s MediaWiki

by Martina Haidvogl and Layna White

Archives without a Lobby: On the Situation of Institutional Holdings in Galleries and Art Museums

by Philipp Messner

Tropical Fantasia: Towards a New Archivo-Museological Imaginary

by Ana Helena Arévalo

Database Art and Design: Pioneering Strategies in the Arts towards Collecting and Archiving

by Sjoukje van der Meulen

Editor in Chief’s Pick – Engines of Order: A Mechanology of Algorithmic Techniques

by Bernhard Rieder

It Takes More than the Past to Understand and Build the Archive

Artist Contribution by Rosa Menkman

Modernism in Migration – Editorial

By Gregor Langfeld and Tessel M. Bauduin

Exile and Modernism: Theoretical and Methodological Reflections on the Exile of Artists in the 1930s and ’40s

By Sabine Eckmann

Modern Group Portraits in New York Exile: Community and Belonging in the Work of Arthur Kaufmann and Hermann Landshoff

By Burcu Dogramaci

“My old Mother” – Therese Graf in New York: Exile, the Transatlantic Itinerary of a Photographic Portrait, and Strong History “from below”

By Eva-Maria Troelenberg

A New Woman’s Exile in Buenos Aires: Grete Stern’s Photomontages between Feminism and Popular Culture

By Christina Wieder

“École de Paris” In and Out of Paris (1928–1930): A Transregional Perspective on the Exhibitions of the “School of Paris” in Venice, Cambridge, Recife, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro

By Annabel Ruckdeschel

From São Paulo to Paris and Back Again: Tarsila do Amaral

By Camila Maroja

Cubism in Iran: Jalil Ziapour and the Fighting Rooster Association

By Katrin Nahidi

Art and Artists Crossing Borders: Untold Stories of the First Iraqi Art Exhibition in the USSR

By Olga Nefedova

“Primitivism” in Migration: Ambivalence and Locality in South African Modernism

By Lisa Hörstmann

A Transnational Socialist Solidarity: Chittaprosad’s Prague Connection

By Simone Wille

Towards a Museum of Mutuality – Editorial

By Vasiliki (Vasso) Belia, Rosemarie Buikema, Margriet Schavemaker, Emilie Sitzia and Rosa Wevers

Understanding Audience Participation Through Positionality: Agency, Authority, and Urgency

By Lorna Cruickshanks and Merel van der Vaart

Changing the Game: Museum Research and the Politics of Inclusivity

By Margriet Schavemaker

Photography and Museums of Mutuality: A Metaphor

By Elisavet Kalpaxi

Considering Competing Values in Art Museum Exhibition Curation

By Pat Villeneuve

Decolonial Aesthesis and the Museum: An Interview with Rolando Vázquez Melken

By Rosa Wevers

Temporality and Universalism in the Contemporary Ethnographic Museum: Two Collection Presentations at the Tropenmuseum

By Luuk Vulkers

Dancing at the Museum: Parataxis and the Politics of Proximity in Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “APESHIT”

By Liedeke Plate

Towards Mutuality in International Museum Cooperation: Reflections on a Swiss-Ugandan Cooperative Museum Project

By Thomas Laely, Marc Meyer, Amon Mugume and Raphael Schwere

Welkom Today: On Collaborative Practice in Contemporary Photography

By Anne Ruygt

Lose Yourself – Editorial

By Margriet Schavemaker and Dorine de Bruijne

The Labyrinthine Exhibition: A New Genre

By Reesa Greenberg

The Labyrinth as an Exhibitionary Model: Form, Event, and Mode of Life

By Noit Banai

Invisible Mazes—Visible Perceptions

By Pamela Bianchi

Ludic Labyrinths: Strategies of Disruption

By Paula Burleigh

Ludic Exhibitions at the Stedelijk Museum: Die Welt als Labyrinth, Bewogen Beweging, and Dylaby

By Janna Schoenberger

Niki de Saint Phalle Playing with the Feminine in the Male Factory: HON – en katedral

By Annika Öhrner

George Maciunas and the Flux-Labyrinth (1974/1976): Staging a SoHo Way of Life

By Anton Pereira Rodriguez and Wouter Davidts

In the Labyrinth of the Contemporary Condition: The Labyrinthine as Curatorial Topos of Postwar Modern in the German Art World Between 1945 and 1968

By Kristian Handberg

Within a Labyrinth of Gazes: Exhibiting Christoph Schlingensief

By Janneke Schoene

Labyrinth and Rhizome: On the Work of Walid Raad

By Christoph Chwatal

On “On Otto”: Moving Images and the New Collectivity

By Ina Blom

The Labyrinth: Metaphor and Method

By Paula Alaszkiewicz

Video: Hans Ulrich Obrist

At the Symposium Lose Yourself!

Video: Hou Hanru

At the Symposium Lose Yourself!

Video: Raqs Media Collective

At the Symposium Lose Yourself!

The Borders of Europe – Editorial

By Sjoukje van der Meulen and Nathalie Zonnenberg

The Borders of Europe: A Roundtable Discussion

With Yoeri Albrecht, Valentijn Byvanck, Hedwig Fijen and Steven ten Thije

Whatever Happened to Ground Euro? The Borders of Brussels

By Bert de Muynck

Representing Migration in Inclusive Museums: The Humanity House

By Inge Zlatkou

Simple as ABC #2: Keep Calm & Validate

By Thomas Bellinck

Let’s Take Back Control! Of Our Imagination

By Mihnea Mircan and Jonas Staal

The Immigrant Continent

By Esra Akcan

The Political Geographies of Muslim Visibility: Boundaries of Tolerance in the European City

By Luiza Bialasiewicz

Art: Don’t Fence Me In! The Correspondence Principle in European Art

by Antje von Graevenitz

Reenacting the Past: Romanian Art since 1989

By Mirela Tanta

When Crisis Becomes Form: Athens as a Paradigm

By Theophilos Tramboulis and Yorgos Tzirtzilakis

Memories of Europe in the Art From Elsewhere

By Andreas Huyssen

Curating the Collection – Editorial

By Rachel Esner and Fieke Konijn

Curating the Stedelijk Collection: A Roundtable Discussion

A roundtable discussion on the occasion of the current edition of Stedelijk Studies, which centers on the theme of Curating the Collection.

Handle with Care: The influence of New Institutionalism on Collection Displays in Italian Contemporary Art Museums

By Micaela Deiana

Alike, but not the Same: The Reenactment of Lina Bo Bardi’s Display for the São Paulo Museum of Art (1968–2015)

By Sabrina Moura

The Shifting Paradigm in Developing Chinese Contemporary History: Collectors of Contemporary Art and the Dynamic Dialogue between the Private and Public in China

By Raymond Rhone

The Iwalewahaus: Displaying Works of African Modernism

By Nadine Siegert

Looking at the One and Only: The Return of the Single-Work Show

By Johanne Lamoureux, Mélanie Boucher and Marie Fraser

Flattening Hierarchies of Display: The Liberating and Leveling Powers of Objects and Materials

By Judith Spijksma and Ann-Sophie Lehmann

New Exposure: The Arab Image Foundation and the Curatorial

By Daniel Berndt

The Politics of Display

By Michael Neumeister

The Algorithm as Curator: In Search of a Non-Narrated Collection Presentation

By Manique Hendricks

Temporal Conflicts and the Purification of Hybrids in the 21st-Century Art Museum: Tate, a Case in Point

By Victoria Walsh and Andrew Dewdney

Between the Discursive and the Immersive – Editorial

By Marie Laurberg and Margriet Schavemaker

Discursive versus Immersive: The Museum is the Massage

by Mark Wigley

Visitor Voices Between the Discursive and the Immersive

By Helen Charman

Narrative Theories and Learning in Contemporary Art Museums: A Theoretical Exploration

By Emilie Sitzia

For Whom Do We Write Exhibitions? Towards a Museum as Commons

By Francesco Manacorda

Painting Into A Corner: The Pedagogic Agenda, the Immersive Mediation (and the Overdetermined Experience) of ‘Play Van Abbe 4’

By Angela Bartholomew

In the Making, of Objects, Artists, and Publics

By Sarah Ganz Blythe

To Touch and Be Touched

By Saara Hacklin

A Thought Never Unfolds in One Straight Line

By Christel Vesters

What’s in a Name? Questions for a New Monument

By Margrethe Troensegaard

Curating Education, Staging the CV: Learning at Former West

By Barbara Mahlknecht

Redistributing Knowledge and Practice in the Art Museum

By Victoria Walsh

Black Mountain and Beyond – Research Practices between Universities and Museums

By Annette Jael Lehmann and Anna-Lena Werner

Vestiges of 125,660 Specimens of Natural History

By Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin

The Place of Performance – Editorial

By Sophie Berrebi and Hendrik Folkerts


Artist Contribution by Emily Roysdon

The Troubles with Temporality

By Bojana Kunst

Transvestite Museum of Peru

By Giuseppe Campuzano

A Mode Of Translation: Joan Jonas’s Performance Installations

By Robin Kathleen Williams

The Ocaña We Deserve

By Paul B. Preciado

Performative Interactions with the Past

By Katalin Cseh-Varga

A Broadcast / Looping Pieces

Aritst Contribution by Tim Etchells

Traces and Documents as Medial Transformations, or: How to Access Performance Art History

By Barbara Büscher

Icons of the Performance Still

By Sarah Happersberger

‘Individual Mythologist’: Vulnerability, Generosity, and Relationality in Ulay’s Self-Imaging

By Amelia Jones

Play and the Profane

By Massa Lemu

Pathways in Performance (in and around Cambodia)?

By Roger Nelson

The Bureau of Melodramatic Research

Artist Contribution by The Bureau of Melodramatic Research

Delegating (community) action: Stuart Brisley’s Peterlee Project

By Neylan Bağcıoğlu

“Frame Me”: Speaking Out of Turn and Lorraine O’Grady’s Alien Avant-Garde

By Stephanie Sparling Williams

Putting out the chairs

By Joe Kelleher

What a body can do

By Kirsten Maar

Typo: Images = represented FORM

Artist Contribution by Zhana Ivanova

Rewriting or Reaffirming the Canon? Critical Readings of Exhibition History – Editorial

By Linda Boersma and Patrick Van Rossem

Colab Again

By Francesco Spampinato

Exhibition History and the Institution as a Medium

By Stefano Collicelli Cagol

Good (graphic) design

By Clemence Imbert

Documenting the Marvelous: The Risks and Rewards of Relying on Installation Photographs in the Writing of Exhibition History

By Madeleine Kennedy

Blinking brains, corporate spectacle, and the Atom Man

By Flora Lysen

Reconstructing Cold War Cultural Diplomacy Exhibitions

By Jennifer McComas

Modes of Making Art History

By Maria Bremer

Editorial Stedelijk Studies: Topical, Urgent, High-Quality

By Margriet Schavemaker

Collecting Geographies: Global Programming and Museums of Modern Art – Editorial

By Jelle Bouwhuis and Christel Vesters

Recalcitrant Geographies: National Claims, Transnationalism, and the Institutionalization of Contemporary Art

By Kitty Zijlmans

Peace, the Museum, and Globalization, 1800/2014

By Todd Porterfield

Creating Ancestors and Affinities: A Rhetorical Analysis of African Art in the Story of Modern Art

By Nana Leigh

Revisiting Magiciens de la terre

By Annie Cohen-Solal

Between the Global, National, and Peripheral: The Case of Art Museums in Poland

By Karolina Golinowska

Curatorial Expeditions: The Ramallah Safari

By Tina Sherwell

Museum Practices and Migrating Modernity: A Perspective from the South

By Celeste Ianniciello and Michaela Quadraro

Statues also die, even… Time and Agency of Museum Display

By María Íñigo Clavo