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For issue 6 of Stedelijk Studies Thomas Bellinck produced an artistic contribution.

Issue #6: The Borders of Europe

  • Thomas Bellinck, Simple as ABC #2: Keep Calm & Validate, 2017, photo: Laura Van Severen.
    Front Cover, Homepage
  • Thomas Bellinck, Domo de Eŭropa Historio en Ekzilo (House of European History in Exile), 2013, photo: Danny Willems.

For issue 5 of Stedelijk Studies images by Sarah Westphal were selected.

Issue #5: Curating the Collection

  • Sarah Westphal
    Front Cover, Homepage
  • Stedelijk Studies issue #5: Curating the Collection
    Sarah Westphal
  • Stedelijk Studies Issue #5: Curating the Collection
    Sarah Westphal

For issue 1-4 of Stedelijk Studies students of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam produce new photographs. We would like to thank the following students for their contribution:

Issue #4: Between the Discursive and the Immersive

Issue #3: The Place of Performance

Issue #2: Exhibition History

Issue #1: Collecting Geographies