Typo: Images = represented FORM

by Zhana Ivanova

Crkcrk 1 week ago
The cameraman was doing well to fap without jiggling the camera.

solidwhetstone 5 days ago

Clearly he has a very specific fetish.

rawrtrick 5 days ago

He was using a tripod for sure.

leodeo 2 weeks ago
You can read the tension in her body.

prances_with_pantses 2 weeks ago

Especially her eyes and right hand.

Crown360 1 month ago
I love you.

papabear84 4 months ago
She holds on because it’s the only thing keeping her upright

Alienist23 1 month ago 

Well if holding onto something that could kill you because it’s the only thing keeping you upright isn’t a metaphor for unhealthy relationships, I don’t know what is.

Clima 1 year ago
I could barely look at this for more than a second. Horrible mutilations, fucked up porn, terrifying pics of people doing silly shit at great heights with no safety equipment, I can look at all of those without giving more than a “meh,” but this made my balls suck up into my chest in fright.

GrilledCheeser 1 year ago
Is it the haircuts?

TheTuskTheFeather 1 year ago
you should check out chris burden’s work.
if this makes you uncomfortable, his “shoot” piece will make you rage with indignation.
that guy is an idiot.

LKpottery 2 months ago
Chris Burden’s “Shoot” is actually a very influential piece of artwork. I agree it is not for everyone, but it is quite successful at getting it’s point across.
Don’t criticize what you don’t understand.

TheTuskTheFeather 2 months ago
@ LKpottery I entirely understand it. it’s still a pretty idiotic thing to allow someone to fire a weapon at you. I understand the context of time and place and what he was doing by “implicating the audience”, it doesn’t mean I don’t understand the work when I call Chris burden an idiot. Take your high-horse pretentious douche-baggery somewhere else. you shouldn’t belittle someone’s opinion because you’re too shortsighted to understand it.

THoffmayer 1 year ago
Thumbs up if you are watching in 2014

MeganOMally 1 year ago
As much as I like this, the creepy ass breathing in the background makes it impossible to enjoy.

rusty l 1 year ago

@MeganOMally did you read the description?

MeganOMally 1 year ago
@rusty l I can’t say I remember if I did or did not. It’s not in my nature to ignore a video’s description. However, as I reread my comment it certainly appears I did not.

rusty l 1 year ago

we all do it sometimes, lol.

Jerry Ln 1 year ago

trust is art

Muaaaak 1 year ago
this is pure art!

popepsychedelic 2 years ago
is this potentially fatal?

snoharm 2 years ago

Obsidian743 2 years ago 

Actually, not necessarily. If she were to let go, most of the release energy would be absorbed by his right arm. This means that there wouldn’t necessarily be a lot of penetration, although I’m sure it would still pierce her skin.

Your Majesty 2 years ago
What the fuck did I just watch?

Chris Decastro 2 years ago
they contributed to each other.
it was so poor but so rich.
it became a contradiction.
a match between the unmatched.
the conclusion mastered the piece..
which there was no peace.
Literally on the verge of crying.
This performance is deep.

BlinkinFirefly 4 months ago
@Chris Decastro I agree, and adding to that I couldn’t help feeling several intense emotions watching this. I mean I had tears toward the end. This is everyman’s story of conflict

JekonGregoryin 3 years ago
Gosh, aren’t you bold! You’re so shocking and different! As a bourgeois I can tell you I am well and truly epated, an entirely novel experience. I really feel as though someone has thrown a pot of paint in my face! I shall tell my partner all about it over dinner, before we settle down in front of a nice Attenborough program about cuddly animals.

Daffyddw 3 years ago
Shock in art, sensation of this type is merely there to give a little, safe thrill to the sad jaded gallery goer. Experience within art will always be of a secondary nature, to get the real thing go else where

usasandy 3 years ago
All these ‘artists’ are doing is to innure people even more to violence and self disgusting display.
Can they really think that what they do will ever be remembered as art?

Andy Roberts 3 years ago
performance art is self-indulgent tack anyway, if it dies as an artform will the general public actually miss it? I think not.

David Fox 2 years ago
I think the idea of shock in contemporary art is outmoded. It has become tiresome to be ‘shocked’ yet again. I don’t believe people are shocked anyway.
It’s all rather adolescent.
Art should move on to something more positive.

Selene Corvin 3 years ago
why would you do that!

Tom Tilley 3 years ago
The guy looks like Jared Leto. Is this Jared Leto?

Mike Bcn 3 years ago
and this is art? I have to open a theater in psychiatric

Alyazia Alozaibi 3 years ago

What you are watching is the dominance of an individual on the other, this represents our society since cavemen, how there is always a stronger one and slowly the actions progress and become more aggressive. how conflicts, over time, can get too deep and personal and in the end one must give up. True art, bravo.

Viewdoo 3 years ago
I have the most powerful art theory ever written:
Shape = represented form
Images = shapes
Images = represented from
Picasso didn’t do that. Rembrandt didn’t. Da Vinci didn’t. Wittgenstein didn’t. Plato didn’t. Ai Wewei didn’t. Hockeny didn’t. I DID.

Viewdoo 3 years ago

Typo: Images = represented FORM