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Michel de Klerk and Liesbeth van der Pol
Bakhyt Bubikanova

Bakhyt Bubikanova

by Yuliya Sorokina
Lines of Sight #1: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Architecture as Theater
This still from IOU 4 USA depicts a square charcoal drawing held up by two hands. The drawing is of a frame from The Simpsons and shows an IOU note in Homer’s hands. The note reads: “DEAR USA I.O.U. LESS KANDERS SIGNED USA”.
HITO STEYERL I WILL SURVIVE Tentoonstelling — 29 jan t/m 12 jun 2022

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Figure 3b. Detail
Exile and Modernism: Theoretical and Methodological Reflections on the Exile of Artists in the 1930s and ’40s
Modern Group Portraits in New York Exile
Collecting Geographies
Exploring Our Backyard - An investigation of the Stedelijk’s environmentally sustainable building operations