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To become an Abstraction
Bakhyt Bubikanova

Bakhyt Bubikanova

by Yuliya Sorokina
Fig. 5. Fazle Shairmahomed, Goddess Coco and Paolo Yao, from Syncretism: Obia Woman/Creole Madonna. Photo: Noël Schut.
Fig. 5. Alexis Blake, 'rock to jolt [ ] stagger to ash', 2021. Performance, exhibition space with architectural interventions, dim lighting, fragrance, tabloid publication. Prix de Rome 2021. Photo: Daniel Nicolas.

From Image to Smell

The Role of the Olfactory Sense in Contemporary Art Experience - by Jonas van Kappel
Announcement without Resolution: On Anne Imhof's YOUTH
YOUTH: Inside the Creation of a Sensorial Dystopic Labyrinthine
Inside an empty, patinaed building, two performers are shown on the floor. The performer lies on their back, and the performer on the right is sitting in an upright position, cradling the other performer in their arms.

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Collecting Geographies
Exploring Our Backyard - An investigation of the Stedelijk’s environmentally sustainable building operations
Sustainable or greenwashing? How to evaluate brands as a consumer.