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Fig. 5. Fazle Shairmahomed, Goddess Coco and Paolo Yao, from Syncretism: Obia Woman/Creole Madonna. Photo: Noël Schut.
Yvette Mutumba during the "10 Years Bathtub: Open for the Open" lecture series. 24 September 2022. Photo: Ernst van Deursen.

In Museums We Trust

by Yvette Mutumba
On Things and Beings: The Affordances of Objects and Ways of Knowing
Persuasions in Liminal Spaces
Music, Painting, Intuition and Calculation: Sedje Hémon and the Stedelijk Museum
ABDIAS DO NASCIMENTO Pink Mulatto Woman: A Study for Oshun. Acrylic on canvas, 102 x 153 cm. Middletown, 1970 © IPEAFRO
Looking Twice: The Presence of Absence in Die Brücke Art Histories

Looking Twice: The Presence of Absence in Die Brücke Art Histories

A Critical Reflection on the exhibition "Kirchner and Nolde: Expressionism. Colonialism." by Lisa Hilli
How Textiles Talk and What They Have to Say. A Curatorial Introduction to the Exhibition Let Textiles Talk by Amanda Pinatih.
The police officer examines the inside of her left middle finger. She is wearing a yellow hat with a silver police badge and a turquoise dress. Her fingernails are painted red. Her made-up face is partially covered by another hand, which is out of focus.
Collector Culture of the Russian Avant-Garde

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After(-)Images: Problematizing Collections of Early Documentary Photography in the Art Museum
From Fiction to Knowledge Unveiling histories in contemporary cultural institutions

From Fiction to Knowledge

by Deiara Kouto and Anne Bielig