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Rein Wolfs, Karen Archey and Marina Abramović at the conversation series Artist Talk at the Stedelijk Museum on March 17, 2024.

Artist Talk: Marina Abramović

Rein Wolfs and Karen Archey speak with Marina about her artistic practice
Fig. 5. Fazle Shairmahomed, Goddess Coco and Paolo Yao, from Syncretism: Obia Woman/Creole Madonna. Photo: Noël Schut.
Yvette Mutumba during the "10 Years Bathtub: Open for the Open" lecture series. 24 September 2022. Photo: Ernst van Deursen.

In Museums We Trust

by Yvette Mutumba
On Things and Beings: The Affordances of Objects and Ways of Knowing
Persuasions in Liminal Spaces
Music, Painting, Intuition and Calculation: Sedje Hémon and the Stedelijk Museum
ABDIAS DO NASCIMENTO Pink Mulatto Woman: A Study for Oshun. Acrylic on canvas, 102 x 153 cm. Middletown, 1970 © IPEAFRO
Looking Twice: The Presence of Absence in Die Brücke Art Histories

Looking Twice: The Presence of Absence in Die Brücke Art Histories

A Critical Reflection on the exhibition "Kirchner and Nolde: Expressionism. Colonialism." by Lisa Hilli
How Textiles Talk and What They Have to Say. A Curatorial Introduction to the Exhibition Let Textiles Talk by Amanda Pinatih.
The police officer examines the inside of her left middle finger. She is wearing a yellow hat with a silver police badge and a turquoise dress. Her fingernails are painted red. Her made-up face is partially covered by another hand, which is out of focus.
Collector Culture of the Russian Avant-Garde

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After(-)Images: Problematizing Collections of Early Documentary Photography in the Art Museum
From Fiction to Knowledge Unveiling histories in contemporary cultural institutions

From Fiction to Knowledge

by Deiara Kouto and Anne Bielig
Modernism in Migration: Relocating Artists, Objects, and Ideas, 1910–1970
Exile and Modernism: Theoretical and Methodological Reflections on the Exile of Artists in the 1930s and ’40s
Modern Group Portraits in New York Exile