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Theme: Performance


Since the early 2000s, artistic and institutional practices pertaining to performance and live events have undergone sweeping changes: the disciplinary traditions of theater, choreography and film/television are converging in contemporary visual performance, museums are presenting performance on a large and often monumental scale, the ephemeral nature of performance is challenged now that artists and museums alike are presenting their live work as objects of acquisition – arguably against the grain of the anti-market premise of historical performance practice. Moreover, the (etymological) relationship between the script (or score) of a performance, the performance as a live event and its documentation are increasingly and continuously questioned and undergo transformation. Through a set of essays addressing specific questions, the third issue of the Stedelijk Studies journal aims to map the changing conditions and continuous reconfiguration of performance and live art today.

Research topics include but are not limited to:

  • The ongoing historicization of early 20th century, and 1960s-1980s performance practices.
  • Changes in artistic practice and intergenerational conversations between artists working in performance in the 1960s throughout the 1990s, and contemporary artists.
  • Interdisciplinarity and performance: traditions, vocabularies and practices of choreography, theater, film and television and their relation to contemporary visual art performance.
  • Performance as museum object, and the role that modern and contemporary art museums play in the canonization of performance practices.
  • Performance and documentation

The theme issue Performance will be edited and curated by dr. Sophie Berrebi from the University of Amsterdam and Hendrik Folkerts, MA, curator at documenta 14.

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Please submit your abstract before May 1, 2015.

Deadline for the essay will be September 1, 2015.

Stedelijk Studies accepts both solicited and unsolicited texts for consideration on a rolling basis throughout the year. Prior to developing a complete manuscript authors are asked to submit an abstract (300 words max.) with short bio (150 words max.) and 3-5 key bibliographic sources to the editors who will make a preliminary decision regarding the topic’s relevance to the journal’s aims and scope and will provide suggestions for developing the manuscript.

Manuscripts and manuscript proposals as well as abstracts and other editorial correspondence should be sent to:

Dorine de Bruijne

Managing editor Stedelijk Studies
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